There are a number of bridges in the United States that are in bad shape. However, some are in far worse shape than others. Below are three of the most dangerous bridges in America:

Harlan Springs Road Bridge

If you ever travel to West Virginia, you should try to avoid driving on the Harlan Springs Road Bridge. This bridge was first built in 1900, and it has not improved much since then. It has holes in its deck, corroded railings and missing poles. Those are very scary things to think about considering that over 2,000 drivers travel on this bridge each day. The Harlan Springs Road Bridge is so dangerous that only one car is allowed to cross at one time. This makes things very inconvenient for people who are trying to get back and forth to work.

Raritan River Bridge

It is estimated that 208,000 drivers cross this bridge every day. The Federal Highway Administration has given this bridge an efficiency rating of 20.2 percent. This is a worse rating than the I-35W bridge in Minnesota, which collapsed in the August of 2007. The I-35W bridge in Minnesota had a 50.2 percent rating before it collapsed.

Lake Shore Drive Bridge

This bridge is located in Chicago, and it is estimated that 114,000 drivers cross this bridge each day. The heavy traffic causes the bridge to crumble. That is bad, but it is not the worst part. The maintenance workers do not even repair the damaged parts of the bridge. They just install nets that catch the crumbling pieces.

The Harlan Springs Road Bridge, Raritan River Bridge and Lake Shore Drive Bridge are the three most dangerous bridges in the United States. It is important to note that you may be required to pay more for car insurance if you live near those bridges.

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